Private lessons

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A fantastic music teacher has students that achieve and also love music. Music lessons should be challenging and fun. Music lessons should be a source of discipline and joy. Music lessons should wholistic and well-rounded, teaching not only how to play the instrument but also what the building blocks of music are and how to thoroughly understand music from many different perspectives, including music theory, aural skills, history, and many different styles.

I aim to be a FANTASTIC music teacher.

My music lessons are generally based around piano, organ, voice, and guitar, whatever combination works best for each particular student.

Private lessons are the optimal setting for people to benefit the most from studying music, particularly children. Music is like a natural wonder drug. Children who study music have been shown to improve in many areas developmentally and academically, in addition to honing their skills musically, skills that will last a lifetime. For more overview of the benefits of music to the brain, watch this short video:

I teach private lessons both in person and over the internet. I do lessons both in my own studio as well as in-home. If you are interested in private lessons please call/text/email me.