Mass in Honor of Saint John of the Cross, congregational
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, for the pews

Missa Simplex No. 1 for children’s/adult choir, SAB
I wrote this Mass for my children’s choir to sing the top part with a skilled choir underneath, to challenge them to sing in simple, polyphonic harmony. I did not write a Gloria, Creed, or Memorial Acclamation as I plan on filling in those parts with other music.

Crucifixus, motet for Good Friday, SATB divisi


Ave Verum Corpus, motet for Eucharistic Adoration/Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, SATB divisi

Introit, Kyrie, and Communio for First Sunday of Advent, plainchant
These selections are meant to be sung with children’s choir, especially to give them an opportunity to sing the top line with a skilled choir singing harmony and chant with them.

Laudamus, motet for Children’s Chorus and Organ, SA

Reproaches for Good Friday, plainchant

Compositions that appear on this page are in the public domain.
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