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Welcome to the Dynamic Wealth concept!

Everyone pays their bills first and then saves whatever is left over – the national average is around 6%. That’s not a lot. What if you could save 100% of your money…and spend it at the same time?

Would you like to pay yourself interest on your debts rather than paying the bank?

Did you know that the interest you pay on your mortgage is in many cases a hidden form of taxation because the U.S. Treasury receives the net profits generated by the Federal Reserve? Did you know that this happens more when the market crashes and that therefore the government has incentive to cause intentional market crashes? Did you know that you can privatize banking and take the banking function away from the government, thus cancelling that hidden form of tax from your life?

Would you like to make your debts into assets, rather than liabilities?

Do you want to create the most wealth that you can for yourself and your family, building a legacy over the course of your life?

Do you want to be financially free and independent?

Would you like to recapture all the interest you pay on your debt and keep all that wealth within the family?

Would you like to create a business that will allow you to loan money to your children to pay for all their life expenses, including cars and houses so that they never have to go to the bank to borrow money? Allowing you and them to keep all that interest in the family?

Would you like to adopt a financial strategy that will immediately and significantly embellish the investments and business ventures and/or salary you already have?

Would you like to save untold hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes that you would otherwise pay in astronomic amounts over the course of your life, keeping that money within the family?

If so, then Dynamic Wealth is for you!

Does this sound like it’s only for wealthy people? It is NOT. It is for anyone willing to work and learn and be disciplined. It is not just for wealthy people.

I am a life insurance agent, specializing in the education of the public in privatized banking through permanent life insurance, also known as the Infinite Banking Concept, which I call Dynamic Wealth. IBC is a concept that is guaranteed to break the bonds of financial slavery and create financial freedom for anyone willing to dedicate themselves to it. Financial slavery is something you can defeat, NOT by making more money, but by changing your mindset, and therefore your strategy.

Contact me if this is something that interests you!


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